Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pineapple Carrot Nut Bread

My parents often visit an Amish run store in Oklahoma called Nellie Ann's Bakery. Last weekend my mom called me from there and was listing all the wonderful things they had for sale. I was so excited to see what she would come home with. Well she bought me...a jar of grape jelly, some ground cinnamon, sprinkles, dehydrated orange peel, chocolate chip cookies, instant clear jel, double acting baking powder, an April Fool's deviled egg (I'll show you that later), jalapeno cheese bread and this fabulous loaf of pineapple, carrot nut bread. It is a weird combo but it works! I have been munching on it every afternoon since I got it.

If you are ever anywhere near Chouteau Oklahoma you have to stop in and check it out.


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