Monday, November 9, 2009

Payback is a B!tch

Ok before you judge me for making this disgusting foot cake let me tell you the story. I have the opposite of a foot fetish. I HATE feet. They gross me out really bad! Well....I work with a bunch of men and I made the mistake of telling them I hate feet. Big mistake! Huge! Now when I come to work I have pictures of the nastiest looking feet you have ever seen plastered on my desk. I get to hear about feet and boils and all the other nasty stuff that happens to feet during lunch. And the last straw was an email I got from my boss saying that his birthday was coming up and he wanted "this" cake and he enclosed a picture that turned out to be a picture of a nasty, disgusting, horrific and revolting foot. So I thought "ok if he wants that "cake" for his birthday then that's what he's going to get". The nasty foot cake was born.

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